My name's Sam Soichet and I was a Virtualization Consultant, I conducted projects all over the world.
I spent tons of time on the phone with Technical Support. 
Eventually I discovered ControlUp, which saved me HOURS of troubleshooting. 
It helped me identify root causes to problems SO much faster. 
Now we help people with these same problems all over the world.

2,000 Customers and Counting...

Parentix - Instantly Saved 750GB of RAM
and Reduced 95% of Disk Space Incidents

"ControlUp has been a lifesaver for Parentix. It has saved us money, stress, and, most importantly, time! We couldn’t be happier with the platform."
-Marcel Korbee, Cloud Ops Engineer at Parentix

"We were able to save more than 4 hours of help desk time each week; a fantastic ROI!"

Parentix—a cloud solution provider for SMEs—specializes in Exact and Microsoft, providing customers the safest and most reliable cloud experience while working with Exact Software

The Service Desk, Operations, and Delivery divisions maintain about 1400 Windows Servers, ranging from Windows 2012 to Windows 2019. They manage several thousand user sessions a day based on Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops on Windows RDSH.

They were looking for a tool that would not only help us maintain these systems, but also help us to proactively monitor issues that could impact our customers' user sessions.

Used Microsoft SCOM, which helped a great deal, but did not give us the flexibility we needed. SCOM is a complex program that requires skilled engineers to maintain. They had to perform actions manually, which cost time and resources. 

In days after installing ControlUp, they solved long login duration for users with the analysis and scripts that ControlUp provides. They can now detect problems simply by looking at the ControlUp Console.

They also found they could reduce memory and CPUs with the ControlUp Insights’ “Sizing Recommendations,” which instantly saved them 750 GB of RAM assigned—but not used—by servers.

Using ControlUp Since: 2019

  • 40+ disk incidents per week
  • Extra engineers for SCOM
  • Required Senior Engineers
  • Long troubleshooting cycles
  • Difficult root cause analysis
  • <4 disk incidents per week
  • Saved 100s of man-hours
  • Junior engineers handle advanced tasks through UI
  • Easier root cause analysis
"We were able to save more than 4 hours of help desk time each week; a fantastic ROI!"


eHealth New South Wales (NSW) is part of Australia's Ministry of Health, the largest public health system in Australia. 

eHealth had tons of monitoring and alerts set up with different tools, but none provided useful information. "They all have dashboards and pretty, flashing lights, but at the end of the day, that’s meaningless,” Mahnkopf says. “These things provide no context as to how the end-user is actually working.”

“We had no confidence in the tools we were using,” Mahnkopf says. It wasn't in realtime and there was no way to check the validity of the info. 
“ControlUp gives us live, tactical information. It’s valuable, it’s usable, and it’s relevant,”

"[ControlUp has] the fastest lifecycle I’ve ever seen! When we make a suggestion for an improvement, you guys actually make it happen, and usually in just a couple of weeks. You don’t get that with other vendors,” says Noel. “ControlUp gives us confidence.”

“ControlUp has become our go-to information provider, and we’ve got buy-in across the organization. Now, when people want to know something,” Mahnkopf says, “They ask, ‘Well, what does ControlUp say?’” eHealth says the platform sells itself.
“ControlUp allows us to bypass egos and external influences and just see the raw information. There’s no ego in ControlUp; it’s just information, unvarnished by humans,” says Noel Mahnkopf of eHealth.

Using ControlUp Since: 2019

  • Months to find root causes to issues
  • Problematic system updates required shutting down and rebooting all servers in the environment, impacting users' productivity
  • Siloed departments provided inaccurate delayed information 
  • No centralized troubleshooting 
  • Reactive troubleshooting only
  • Complex and tedious navigation across the large organization 
  • Minutes to determine root cause analysis with ControlUp
  • Problematic upgrades are resolved without mass-reboots and without interruption to users
  • Saved 100s of hours using ControlUp Scripts and Automated Actions
  • Remote Desktop access
  • Simplified operations within organization
  • Proactive remediation
  • Easily implement and rollout updates
  • Set triggers to self-heal, when pre-determined usage limits are reached
  • Consolidation of events
  • Increased flexibility 

Case Study Highlights

See Realtime Data for each VM!

See logon times, GPOs, scripts, CPU, memory statistics

Click on a specific VM to identify the problem!

Solve Your Virtualization Problems Now!

Within one day we can install ControlUp in your virtualization environment and identify root causes of slowness and instability.

If we can't help you solve at least some of your vitalization problems within 48 hours, there's no charge. THAT'S OUR GUARANTEE!!!

See testimonials from people using ControlUp for years:

Jonathan Blevins COJ NC
Eric And Javon Carilion Clinic
Aaron Byrd McAfee and Taft
What Customers are Saying about ControlUp

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Who Is This For?

This is for Virtualization Managers, Admins and Engineers who want to:
1) Reduce login times to <1 minute
2) Determine quick root causes to problems
3) Reduce admin hours and automate VDI ops
4) Reduce cloud cloud consumption spend
5) Resolve tickets faster

Core Concept:

You can have a STABLE virtualization environment, troubleshoot issues quickly and have FAST LOGONSwithout costly maintenance and without relying on other teams!

EEC is a Professional Services provider, with specializations in Cloud and End-User Computing.  Established in Chicago, EEC expanded its operation to the GCC in 2014. 
We now have teams of consultants based in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. 
Meet our local GCC executive team:

Sam has over 16 years of experience in the IT field. He has delivered both technical and business consulting projects in 12+ countries around the world. At EEC, Sam is responsible for developing consulting, managed services, staff augmentation, and white-label services sales for EEC’s strategic partners and vendors. He’s fluent in English, Spanish, Italian and proficient in several others.
Ali Kaddoura has more than 15 years of experience in the field of IT sales, team management, and business development in the UAE and was formerly the Country Manager for Citrix in the UAE. Ali’s specialties include: Solutions Selling; Digital Transformation, Digital Workspaces, SaaS, Cloud, Mobility, Virtualization, Security, Availability, Infrastructure, Software, Service Management, Networking and Applications.

How to Reduce Logon Times from 3 Minutes to 30 Seconds

Step 1: Fix Slow Logons Using Built-in Scripts

The above video shows you the first step to identify what's causing your slow logons. It could be a GPO or a Script that is creating all that frustration for your users. Now you'll know! 

To do this, we generate a step-by-step breakdown of the login process. 
Once you know what's causing slowness, you isolate the problem!

Old Way

New Way

  • MANUAL Troubleshooting
  • HISTORIC or DATED information 
  • Self-reporting from different departments
  • ​Guess which GPOs are being applied
  • Difficult root cause analysis
  • Identify every step of the logon process AND the duration of each step
  • REAL-TIME ANALYTICS to understand your CURRENT service problems
  • Centralize and automate troubleshooting

Old Result

  • High level of manual error
  • Dated information is not useful
  • Incorrect or BIASED REPORTING from departments
  • Apply the wrong GPOs
  • Waste more time using the wrong tools

New Result

  • Understand immediately what's causing slow logons
  • REAL-TIME ANALYTICS to understand your CURRENT service problems
  • REDUCE time spent TROUBLESHOOTING by 5x

Using the right tools and scripts, you can identify the step-by-step process in the user logon.
You'll know where the delays are coming from.
You'll be able to troubleshoot and remediate faster.

Step 2: Automate VDI Operations to 
Reduce Administration Costs

See how to automate those annoyingly repetitive desktop operations below:

Old Way

  • Manually perform tasks 
  • Deploy ONE desktop or user group at a time

New Way

  • Use ControlUp Automation to simplify daily tasks

Old Result

  • Slow deployment
  • Human error
  • Inconsistencies across environment
  • Manual configuration required

New Result

  • Reduce time spent on daily manual updates 
  • Reduce human error
  • Maintain consistency
  • Speed up deployment tasks

Step 3: Setup Real-Time Analytics

Old Way

New Way

  • Data is old
  • Data is incorrect
  • Deploy ONE desktop / user group at a time
  • Need to run network traces and other manual tools
  • REAL-TIME Analytics so you can understand your true service problems

Old Result

  • Retroactive and relies on historic info
  • Dependent on self-reporting from different depts.
  • Visibility is poor
  • Good decision making is difficult
  • Wasted time and resources

New Result

  • Understand environment health in REAL-TIME
  • Minimize guesswork
  • Save 100s of hours in troubleshooting time

See...Just check out How ControlUp Compares to other DataCenter Options:

The Hard Way

Now there are a few ways to achieve real-time reporting and reduced login times:


Alternative Result



Option 1: 
Monitor Manually 

Rely on self-reporting from different departments

Difficult to find the niche skills for virtualization monitoring.
High Cost from:
$1000s in lost productivity and troubleshooting. 

$1000s lost in environment slowness
100s of man-hours troubleshooting 

1000s hours in lost productivity due to slow logon times

Option 2: 
Maintain a monitoring product

There’s a steep learning curve.
It’s going to slow you down.
You may risk an outage, or the result may be worse end user experience.
+2x the cost of ControlUp

$1000s in time spent maintaining

100s of lost productivity hours 

Option 3: 
Use ControlUp

There’s a steep learning curve to other products.
Training will slow you down.
Alternatives risk an outage and likely have worse end user experience.
40% the cost of the competition
The time is on us! 
See...Just check out How ControlUp Compares to other EUC Options:

Again, this for Virtualization Engineers who...

  • Have challenges with visibility from different silos or teams
  • Have long (+1 Minute) logons
  • Have lots of virtualization help desk tickets
  • Face issues with automation 
  • Have challenges identifying root causes for issues

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4. Reduce cloud cloud consumption spend
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